I think I’m getting good at something

So here’s a confession: I’ve never felt like I was good at my job. I never advanced past concessions at the movie theater. I found working a drive-thru at Diary Queen overwhelming, and the swirls on my cones always fell apart. As a copy editor, I made too many mistakes. As a page designer, I felt like a failure. But lately I’m starting to feel confident in my skills — at least some of them — and that’s a feeling I’ve waited 26 years for. Continue reading →

Three ways to cover live events online (without clogging my timeline)

The go-to medium for live coverage online seems to be Twitter, and for good reason: It lets journalists get the news out almost immediately, without waiting for reporters and editors to craft a full-on story. It’s especially great for breaking news — though the definition of “breaking news” is sometimes stretched.


This is not breaking, and I’m not sure it’s really even news.

For not-so-breaking news, Twitter can be great or terrible. Live tweets that include commentary or supplementary information can be part of a solid second-screen approach.

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