No place like home: My Jayhawk wedding recap

Every trip to Lawrence is magical, but this one takes the cake.


If you hire a photographer in Lawrence, it better be Jerry Wang.

I learned to read in Lawrence, got my degree in Lawrence, and met my husband in Lawrence, so you’d better believe I insisted on getting married in Lawrence. That’s home.

The full mass Catholic ceremony at St. John’s was for my husband. The reception, in turn, was the most Sarah Kelly thing I’ve ever done. Check the cake toppers:


Guests found their seats at the Chamberlain table, the Chalmers table, and the Sayers table, because I’m obnoxious. Naturally, the wedding party was at the Naismith table.

The reception was at the Adams Alumni Center on campus, and everyone we worked with was absolutely amazing. I liked the KU decor, the location, and the alumni connection, but what sold me on the venue is this:


They dress up this Jayhawk in a tuxedo for special occasions. Sold.

Before Allen Fieldhouse and the alumni center, we stopped at another campus spot that’s always felt like home: Alpha Delta Pi.


I lived at ADPi for two of the best years of my life, and met most of my closest friends, including all four bridesmaids, there. The organization has given me a lifelong connection to women all over the country and helped me find my place in each city I’ve lived in, but 1600 Oxford Road will always be home home.

And here’s another cool KU connection.


After the wedding, a bunch of us met for drinks at The Oread and ran into Andy Joseph, a friend of one of the guests and someone I’d been following on Twitter for quite a while. It was great to finally meet Andy, but I think he had a better time meeting my friend Rachel.

image (1)

The lighting at The Hawk is impossible, so you can’t really tell we’re showing off our Arizona State pitchforks because Phoenix.

Andy and Rachel are both KU alumni who live in Phoenix and happened to be in Lawrence for the weekend. Not enough coincidence for you? Rachel is in the process of converting to Judaism and Andy just so happens to be Jewish. They hit it off in Lawrence, met up the next night in Phoenix, and now they’re all anyone in our respective friend groups has talked about all week.

So, cheers to Jayhawk love in all its stages.


What’s next for me? Now that I’m not drowning in wedding plans, I’ll be putting together some KU watch parties in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area. Know someone who’d like to join? Email me!


  1. Love this, congratulations to you and your husband! Thanks for the great mentions of the alumni center, I’ll be sure to pass it on. Also, thanks for offering to put together watch parties!


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