The post-grad funk

On Dec. 12, I did something no one in my family has done before: I graduated from college. In fact, I graduated from a good school — the University of Kansas — with a decent GPA and a respectable load of activities.

Me with my dad and four-year-old sister at KU's j-school graduation.

Before graduation, I had something to do for work or school every day. I spent countless 12-hour days on campus. I composed editor’s notes on the treadmill and ate lunch and dinner at my desk.

Now I’ve joined the 15 percent of workers age 18-24 who are unemployed. I’ve applied for jobs and I still have hope that I’ll find something before it’s time to pay back my student loans.

But I’m already in a rut. My calendar is empty and my brain is foggy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the post-grad funk. It’s the hangover that comes from a four-year bender of working hard and being busy. It’s the same restlessness I always feel during breaks from school, but this break doesn’t have a predetermined end.

I could clean my room, write thank-you cards to everyone who sent a check for my graduation, or finish my Christmas shopping. But I’m learning that everything is harder without a schedule.

So I’m imposing a little structure. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be up at 8 a.m. each day. I’ll get my work out in, look for jobs, and get started on all the projects I’ve put off: scrapbooking, decorating my room, organizing my closet, putting the rest of my clips on the website. I’ll be a beacon of productivity, and my life will have meaning once again.

Or I’ll stay in my funk and you’ll see a very similar list appear as New Year’s resolutions next month.

(Don’t worry, I have a warm and fuzzy Christmas post in the works to counter this bummer.)

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