Holiday gifts for journalists

My family is always complaining that I’m hard to shop for because I’ve stopped asking for CDs (that’s what iTunes is for) and I don’t have many hobbies outside of work (thanks, journalism). So if you need a little help shopping for the twentysomething journalist in your life, here are the highlights of my wish list. (You can see my entire Amazon universal list here.

The blazer

Business-casual superstar Liz Lemon

J. Crew donegal tweed schoolboy blazer, $198

The Liz Lemon look: a blazer and jeans. Perfect for the notoriously casual copy desk.

Cool Post-it notes

Punctuated Page Markers, $10

I like office supplies with style.

The iPad

Way cooler than a Kindle, starting at $499

The only journalists who don’t have an iPad on their wish lists are the ones who already have one.

Calendars and planners
The calendar packs a daily dose of nerd. The Moleskine planner will go nicely with the Moleskine notebooks journalists love so much. 

Eats, Shoots & Leaves day-to-day calendar, $13.99

Moleskine 12-month panoramic planner, $13.45

Good pens

Sharpie Pen fine point six-pack, $7.95

Life’s too short to use cheap pens.

Style guides

The Yahoo! Style Guide, $14.95

I love a good reference book.


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