My KU bucket list

University of Kansas

I made the best decision of my life when I transferred to the University of Kansas in 2007. Since then, I’ve celebrated a national championship on Mass Street, had plenty of lunches at The Wheel, won two consecutive Homecoming weeks with my sorority, shared an elevator with Cole Aldrich, and climbed Mt. Oread more times than I can count. With just one more semester left in school, I have only a few things left to do before my quintessential KU experience is over.

See the KU Bar Band
What’s better than the Marching Jayhawks and KU Pep Band? Assorted members of the Marching Jayhawks and KU Pep Band playing in a bar. It’s a uniquely college experience. The Sandbar, one of my favorite bars in Lawrence, posted this video of a recent Bar Band sighting on on its website.

Camp for basketball tickets
I confess, I’ve only been to three Kansas basketball games in my life. This is the last time I’ll ever be able to afford season tickets, so I’ve vowed to get serious about my attendance. It’s true that there are no bad seats in Allen Fieldhouse, but only a handful of schools have fans so dedicated that they wait for days to score the best seats. Or perhaps only a handful of schools have teams so good that fans are willing to camp out for those seats. My Nana in Texas always watches the games on TV and looks for me in the stands. Maybe this year she’ll actually see me.

See a performance at The Lied Center
Not many towns of 80,000 bring in the kind of culture and entertainment that Lawrence does. Yet the only Lied Center performance I’ve seen in college is last year’s Rock Chalk Revue. I’m still kicking myself for missing Ben Folds in 2009 and “Avenue Q” in March. So this year, I’m loading up my calendar: comedian Aziz Ansari Sept. 14, “Spring Awakening” Oct. 17, and “Legally Blonde the Musical” Dec. 7. I guess there’s more to life than basketball.

Appear in The University Daily Kansan
Most KU students make it their mission to get their anonymous comments into The Kansan’s “Free for All” section at least once. About 10 of my comments made it in before I began working for the paper, but that’s not enough for me. I came here to write. That goal was derailed a bit — I’ve never actually had a Kansan byline — but a few small opportunities have come my way. I want to see my words in print this semester, but that means putting myself out there. I have an irrational fear that whatever I write will show the entire University that I’m actually stupid. So I guess I also have an irrational fear that I am, in fact, stupid. The day I overcome this anxiety will be the day I become a real adult.

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