What I’ve been working on

I’m taking  an online writing, design and production class with Mike Williams. A big part of my grade is working as a Web producer for The University Daily Kansan. Here are some of the multimedia elements I’ve created to package with Kansan stories.

A baseball diamond

Click the picture to see the story and interactive graphic.

Flash animation: Baseball Preview
This is my first ever Flash creation. It’s a rollover graphic that allows the user to see basic information about the players starting in each position. In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that my partner provided significant help with the animation and coding behind this project. My main role was assembling the necessary photos and drawing the graphic in Flash. The biggest challenge: duplicating the baseball field. I’ve never been to a baseball game in my life.

Click the picture to see the story and timeline.

Interactive timeline: Women’s basketball wrap-up

I recently discovered Dipity, a great tool for making  easy interactive timelines. By combining YouTube videos, Kansan file photos and old Kansan stories, I created a multimedia review of a  roller-coaster season. We weren’t sure exactly when the last women’s basketball story would run — it depended on how far KU made it in the WNIT — so this was an effective way to whip up Web content on relatively short notice.

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