Hello, 2010

Most bloggers wrote about their New Year’s resolutions last week, but I operate on an academic calendar. Now that The Kansan has begun training for the new semester, I’m starting to really think about how to use the new year wisely.

First, I want to learn more about design. My quickie internship at the Lawrence Journal-World taught me the basics in Quark. Now I need to apply those skills to InDesign, the program we use at The Kansan. The j-school offers a course in print and online design, but it was already full when I enrolled in spring classes. I think I’ll take advantage of the newsroom’s resources and tinker around between classes. Then when enrollment comes up for next semester, my status as a super senior should be able to get me into the design course.

Second, I want to learn more about the Web. I’m in the process of pushing my way into the online design and production class at KU. If I’m successful, learning about storytelling through new media will be built into my schedule. I’d also like to improve this Web site by personalizing the design, including new clips and narrowing my blog topic down to something more specific.

Third, I want to go to more KU men’s basketball games. I’ve lived in Lawrence since I was three, but I’ve only been to two games. My time in college is quickly disappearing, and it will be a long while before I can afford general admission tickets on a journalists’ salary. If I wanted to graduate from a great journalism school without any good sports memories, I would have gone to Mizzou.

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